Hello world!

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It all started when our friend Ian asked around to see if our friends were interested in cooking a meal for 300 people. We would cook and serve at Ray of Hope, a local community centre that offers a free warm meal everyday of the year. There was a lot of interest from many people. Around 20 people showed up at this big kitchen. We started chopping vegetables, opening cans of tomatoes, and cutting sausage. We were making Jambalaya!

The next day, we met again, this time at Ray of Hope. We started reheating the Jambalaya and buttering the bread. At 7 pm, a big line of people started to make its way to grab a meal. It was our first time, we didn't know what to expect. Most were excited to be getting a homemade meal. We tried to engage with everyone in the fleeting seconds we got while we had their plate in our hands. Some of us were able to join some of our visitors for the meal while making small talk.

It was an incredible eye-opening experience. 

It's funny, I remember talking to someone about how we were there to help them and make their day. However, what ended up happening is that we were the ones who took a lot more out of the experience.