how feedfive works


We are a group of friends and volunteers who hang out every month to cook and serve meals at our local homeless shelters.

Our shelters:

good shepherd toronto 5n2 scarborough.png
ray of hope kitchener regeneration brampton

These community centres provide daily warm meals, support to anyone who needs it and much more.

Our meals usually include a main course with meat and veggiessalad, buttered bread, juicedessert, and coffee or tea.

When we started, we had to pay for the ingredients of the meals ourselves (about 250-300 meals a month).

"OMG why are you buying all this?"

Volunteers would chip in, as well as some friends and family who help out, but we found this to be unsustainable.


We thought of making cool shirts and aprons to sell and use the proceeds to buy ingredients for the meals. 


So we got the softest t-shirts and best aprons creating feedfive. Every item sold serves a meal to five hungry people.

Too long; didn't read? We are selling t-shirts, each one sold feeds five hungry people a meal.