how we feed

  • There are more than 2,000 hungry individuals who go to our partnering community centres every day for a warm meal.
  • We use the proceeds from the items we sell to buy the ingredients the meals we serve (1 item covers 5 meals).
  • Our partnering shelters offer their guests support to help them get on their feet and off the streets.
feed five meals

we aim to eliminate hunger in Canada, five meals at a time

where we feed

  • We started cooking and serving our meals at our local community centre in Kitchener, ON
  • We are now partnering with shelters and community centres in other cities, hoping to reach as many cities as we can

feedfive - the story feed five

the story

feedfive started as a small group of students from the University of Waterloo who volunteered a few hours a month to get together and cook and serve a big meal at the local community centre. We soon realized how difficult it was to raise funds for the meal ingredients. We needed a sustainable way to fund this project with the help of the community. We decided to start selling t-shirts in exchange for meal ingredients; making five full meals from each t-shirt sold.

feedfive - how it works feed five

how it works

Buying the meal ingredients is a constant struggle. We use the funds we get from the sale of each item and use it to provide five meals to our hungry guests. We either cook and serve the meals ourselves at our local shelter or work with our partnering shelter to fund some of the meals they serve.
A warm meal is served every day and anybody is welcome to grab a plate at our partnering shelters.

feedfive - get involved feed five

get involved

feedfive encourages everyone to get involved in their community and give back. We are always looking for help preparing the meals and serving them. We get together on certain days each month and start cutting vegetables while we chat. The next day, another feedfive team takes that meal, heats it up, and serves it to the our cherished guests. It's great place to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals with a passion to serve. Consider joining a feedfive cooking or serving team.

feedfive - local awareness feed five

local awareness

Many people underestimate the extent of hunger issues in Canada. feedfive aims to not only try to be part of the solution but to also bring awareness to hunger issues in Canada. feedfive intends to create a network of supporters who stay connected to the cause and who might be willing lend a helping hand when needed. feedfive is working closely with Ray of Hope and other similar non-profit local organizations to become another channel of communication to the community.

feedfive - the meals feed five

the meals

We believe hope begins with a meal. The meals we serve usually consist of a type of salad, a main course (e.g. shepherd's pie, chili, meatloaf and veggies, etc), buttered bread, cookies, juice, and coffee or tea. feedfive is always working on improving the meal recipes as well as looking to try new ones. The real transformation happens after our guests have their meal. They are then able to connect with the shelter staff who are there to help them get back on their feet.


feedfive - production feed five


In choosing our apparel, it's important for us to select a manufacturer with fair labour practices and safe working conditions. We ensure that all our suppliers are WRAP compliant, meaning employees get fair hours of work, fair compensation, and a safe and healthy working environment. Most of our items are either made in the United States or Canada. We are working on getting all our apparel from Canada. With every item purchased, you are not only feeding five hungry people; you are also supporting responsible manufacturing.