One of the organizations that we serve our meals with is 5N2 Soup Kitchens in Scarborough.

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If you usually give once a month, consider us next month!

Each item sold funds the ingredients needed to cook five meals for the hungry in Scarborough.

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Shirt + 5 meals  $29
Shirt + 5 meals  $29

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Apron + 5 meals  $34
Apron + 5 meals  $34

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at 5N2 Soup Kitchens

  • Established as a small non-profit since July 2013
  • Serving from six locations in Scarborough
  • Feeding 800+ people in need five days each week
feedfive feed five 5n2 soup kitchen

5N2 locations offer:

  • Crisis Intervention Assistance
  • Food Bank
  • Clothing Bank
  • Furniture Bank
  • Housing Help Services
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Family Resource Centre
  • Assisted Living Program
  • Homelessness Prevention for Seniors

Meal Locations/Schedule:

Mondays 4-6 PM
Storefront Community Centre

Tuesdays 12-2pm
Global Kingdom Ministries


Wednesdays 12-2 PM
Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities
Wednesdays 2-4 PM
St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church