Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in feedfive. We are a group of volunteers who are committed to serving our community by cooking together. At the Ray of Hope community centre, we serve around 250-300 people at a time. Our guests visit the centre for warmth, a homemade meal and maybe a conversation.

When we started, finding volunteers was easy, but raising enough funds for the ingredients every month became a challenge. We would all chip in what we could afford and ask for donations from friends and family, but we realized this wouldn't be sustainable. A couple of us thought about creating something and selling it to the community. We polled our friends...and t-shirts won the vote. And, with each t-shirt sale, we concluded we could buy enough ingredients for five full meals. We decided to really embrace that number...so we came up with feedfive.

After months of designing, researching and looking for a t-shirt manufacturer to our liking, one of our team members came across a small t-shirt business in Egypt while on a trip there. We chose that organization because of the t-shirt quality that they provided and because of the work environment they provided their staff. The feedfork is our logo, with each prong representing one meal that is being served on behalf of the donor.

We are committed to continue our mission to use what we were given and serve those in need. We are also hoping to work and potentially fund other meal teams like us who also struggle in buying their meal ingredients. We are always looking for individuals to join us in preparing and serving the meals. Check out the details at our volunteer page.

Our deepest thanks, 
The feedfive team

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