The feedfive process

1. Buying the ingredients

After we pick the menu for dinner, we make a shopping list and a couple of us start the mission of getting every ingredient needed to make the meal. We grab all the fresh ingredients we need, produce, meats and spices.

2. Cooking the meal

This is where the fun begins! We all gather up at Conrad Grebel's big kitchen and start by chopping vegetables. This is where we chat and sometimes play games while we're preparing the food.


3. Moving the meal

The next day, one or two of us drive to Conrad Grebel, load up the meal in a car and drive to the Ray of Hope community centre. Moving the meal can sometimes be tricky.

4. Serving the meal

As soon as we arrive at Ray of Hope, we are met with the rest of the team. We immediately start to heat up the meal and butter all the bread we have. When the clock hits 7 pm, we have to be ready to serve our meal to a big line of guests who are excited to have it. We ask them how they'd like their meal, coffee or tea, etc. After the big rush is over, some of us like to go out of the kitchen to socialize with our visitors. We simply start a conversation with them and see what they'd like to talk about.

5. Repeat


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